About Us

Janice believes that regular massage and Reiki may help a range of conditions, from aches and pains that affect mobility and flexibility, to symptoms arising from anxiety, depression, overwork, etc., all of which affect the quality of everyday living. All treatments last an hour and cost £42.

In keeping with guidance from the Scottish Government, Janice has introduced Enhanced Cleaning & Hygiene procedures, produced a COVID 19 risk assessment and consultation and is doing everything she can to keep everyone safe.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Not sure what you need? Janice offers a unique service – after a consultation, Janice will design a treatment especially for you which includes a combination of the popular therapies shown below:

If you have a medical condition you may have to consult your GP before having any form of massage – please feel free to call Janice for advice on the number below. Alternatively you can send her an email or simply use the contact form on this page.

Our Mission

We want to encourage people to use and to benefit from complementary therapies in their everyday lives and not just when they feel stressed or unwell.

All Services

Treatments and Therapies

Aromatherapy – wonderfully relaxing and soothing strokes including a special blend of essential oils.

Eastern Face Massage – gentle, repetitive strokes and work on acupressure points to induce deep relaxation of mind and body.

Holistic Massage – deep stretches and soothing strokes prepare the muscles for a firm, effective massage using elbows, forearms and Swedish Massage techniques to tackle stubborn areas of deep-seated tension in large muscle areas.

Indian Head Massage – a mix of techniques suited to anyone who sits hunched for long periods of time and suffers head, neck and shoulder aches.

Reiki – a gentle treatment that may stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Thai Foot Reflexology – differs from traditional Reflexology in that a small stick is used to work on the reflex points on the sole of the foot and lower leg; includes massage of the foot and lower leg.

N.B.  Eastern Face Massage, Reiki and Thai Foot Reflexology can be stand-alone treatments.

News & Information

What's Occurring Then?

Although the COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we interact and behave over the last 2 years; humans have a remarkable capacity to change and evolve. Therapists have had to change the way they work in order to provide a safe environment for both the therapist and the client.

I am pleased to say that Janice Hamilton Holistic Therapies has spent the lockdown months planning and putting in place new procedures so that we can all emerge together and once more enjoy our therapy sessions.


What Our Customers Say

  • I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my upper back and neck after shoulder surgery a few months ago. Janice, using her unique blend of therapies was brilliant at relieving the tension that I had been suffering from for months.

    Chris - Stewarton

  • Excellent Reiki training. Every aspect comprehensively explained with great materials and practice. Janice gave me so much confidence to go out and practice on my own.

    Fiona - Reiki I & II Training