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Swedish Massage Stewarton

man receiving deep back massage

It is generally accepted that Swedish Massage gets its name from Per Henrik Ling who in the 1800's studied Eastern and Western massage traditions and developed his own scientific system of massage movements which forms the basis of many massage techniques today.

Swedish Massage uses techniques designed to relax muscles by applying a firm pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones and generally speaking you are working on parts of the body that have become sore due to injury, repetitive motion or a build up of tension. Swedish Massage includes long smooth strokes (effleurage), kneading movements (petrissage), circular pressures (friction) and hacking or tapping movements (tapotement) all of which work together to promote relaxation and ease tired and aching muscles. All parts of the body not being massaged will be covered by towels.

How it can help:
This treatment is especially helpful for general aches and pains all over the body but can also target specific problem areas of muscle spasm or tension which manifest themselves as small "knots". The techniques increase circulation of blood and lymph, shorten recovery time from muscular strain and stretch the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and pliable. Within a very short space of time you may feel a release of tension and improvement in your posture together with an all-over feeling of wellbeing.

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