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Reiki Treatment Stewarton

Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a simple method of energy work which was developed in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1900's and is used to relieve both physical and emotional symptoms. Reiki is a gentle treatment and works on the body's natural healing ability. As every individual is unique, every client will receive something different from the treatment, as the Reiki energy goes to where it is needed and is not being guided by the practitioner.

To allow a deeper connection to the Reiki energy the treatment starts with a gentle face massage which, together with carefully blended essential oils, induces deep relaxation and can allow the recipient to become more open to the Reiki energy. The Reiki treatment then begins as your therapist acts as a channel for the energy and passes it onto you by laying their hands on or above your body.   There is no need to remove clothes just wear something light and comfortable.

How it can help:
If you are low in energy, feeling frazzled and worn out, or in emotional or physical pain, then Reiki is the treatment for you. There are different ways the energy may be felt, some clients have reported a feeling of warmth, a sense of floating, some see colours, some just feel comfortable and cosy and relaxed enough to fall asleep. Whatever you feel, the Reiki energy is going to where it is needed.  You may also soon find yourself drifting off to a peaceful place where the Reiki energy encourages you to let go of all tension, fear or other negative feelings and you may emerge feeling calm and peaceful with a more balanced outlook.

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