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Reiki Courses Stewarton

Reiki Founder

Reiki, roughly translated means “Universal Life Force Energy”.  Mikao Usui developed this system in Japan in the 1900’s as a means of connecting to the “Universal Life Force Energy” and it is used as a self-healing tool, to treat others and as a means of spiritual development.  Reiki courses are a way of learning a set of simple techniques that, with practice, may help you to develop personally and spiritually and become a more relaxed, less stressed person who lives in the moment and enjoys what life has to offer.  The Reiki Energy is transferred by means of a face to face attunement process and the levels of this process are:  

Reiki I - when you are attuned to the Energy and can treat yourself, friends and family.
Reiki I Course Dates 2018 - 25 February, 20 March, 26 August, 25 November
Reiki II - when you are introduced to the Reiki Symbols  and are able to set up as a professional Reiki Practitioner.  
Reiki Master Practitioner - when you learn advanced Reiki Techniques and the Master Symbol and can extend your skills and personal development.
Reiki Master Teacher - when you are introduced to the responsibilities of becoming a Reiki Teacher as well as the skills to train and attune students.

As part of your personal and spiritual development with Reiki, I think it is important to offer a Reiki Share.  It is an informal Share with a a bit of structure so that everyone gets the best out of the time.  The format is that we practise a meditation to help connect you to the energy, then give and receive Reiki either seated or lying.  There is also a chance to ask questions about Reiki and to chat with like minded people.

Courses are taught here in Ayrshire, in the Usui System of Natural Healing style and are taught in small groups, with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4.   Full manuals are issued at every level. For a copy of the appropriate syllabus and further details please email Janice via the Contact Page or phone the number below for an informal chat as to your personal requirements.

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