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Eastern Face Massage Stewarton

relaxing nurturing face massage

Eastern Face Massage is based on the Ayurvedic face massage. It combines gentle repetitive strokes with work on accupressure points on the face and head, to induce a feeling of deep relaxation of both Mind and Body. The face shows emotional expression and it is possible to be carrying the effects of stress and strain on the face without realising it. Essential oils are blended with a carrier oil and used to enhance the benefits of this treatment and to gently and softly soothe away stress. There is no need to remove clothes for this massage, just wear something light and comfortable.

How it can help:
If your life is stressful and you find it difficult to switch off, have a racing mind and have difficulty sleeping, this treatment could help you. The intense nature of the work on the face and head make it easy to switch off and just concentrate on the soft soothing strokes. It encourages lymph drainage, stimulates circulation, eases muscle tension and leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed in a gentle and nurturing way.

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